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Need A Loan? Health Center Credit Union offers a wide array of affordable, low-interest loans. Whether you're looking to finance a home, vehicle or for personal needs, we have the loan options to help you reach your financial goals and dreams.

      Home Equity Line of Credit
      Visa Card
      Augusta University Book Loan
      Smart Option Student Loan by Sallie Mae®
Auto Loans

Vehicle Loans

HCCU can help you finance the vehicle you desire, whether you are buying a new or used car, truck, or sports utility vehicle.

New vehicles may be financed up to 100% of manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP).

Used vehicles may be financed up to the full retail value as stated by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

We also offer financing on recreational vehicles, motorcycle, jet ski, or all-terrain vehicles.

Inquire at any of our branches about a Tax Advantage Loan. You may be able to deduct the interest you pay on your auto loan by securing it with your primary residence.

Payment Protection Plans:
  Extended Warranties for vehicle financing, providing peace of mind that major repairs will be covered.
  Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), covering the insurance shortfall for totaled or stolen vehicles if you
  owe more than the appraised value.
  Credit Life / Disability, by adding it to your loan you are protecting your credit and your family. If you
  become disabled, this insurance will make your payments for you. The life insurance will pay off your loan
  up to $50,000.

Loan application (click here for loan application).
For more information call us at 706-434-1636.

Our Relationship program also offers you the advantage of valuable discounts...ask us how.

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Trustage Insurance Agency. Car Insurance through your credit union? At a great rate? And switching is easy? Yes, yes and yes. Get a quote.

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Mortgage Loans
Family Home

HCCU offers a full range of Mortgage Loan products and a Home Equity Line of Credit.

First Mortgage: Fixed Rate, FHA and conventional loan services are available with competitive rates and closing costs. These loans are processed through MemberFirst Mortgage.

Contact the credit union for more information (706) 434-1636, or apply online here.

Home Buying Coach
Home Coach

This interactive guide coaches you through the process of finding and buying a house. Simply click on the home icon to get started!

Please be sure to take advantage of our online financial calculators.

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Home Insurance Savings. Get A Quote. Members Only.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Home Equity Line of Credit: Put your equity to work for you. Our HELOC is one of the best deals in town. We will lend up to 95% of the appraised value of the property, less any existing liens, with no Private Mortgage Insurance. The interest you pay may also be tax deductible*.

Click here to apply online for Home Equity Line of Credit.

*Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

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Visa® Credit Card

We will be moving all credit card processing in-house on January 23, 2017. Please visit our Visa Conversion page for any changes to existing accounts.

New accounts, please stop by any branch to apply for your Visa Credit Card. Visa makes life easy with its world wide accepted card. This is a great way to start building credit whether you are young or old!

To view our Visa Credit Card Rates, Fees, and Disclosures, please click here.

To apply:

Manage Your HCCU Visa Credit Card online by clicking here.

  • Pay Your Bill Online
  • Check Available Credit
  • View Transaction and Spending Reports
  • View Transactions Since Last Statement
All Visa Payments should be mailed to 1424 Walton Way, Augusta GA 30901. If you have electronic payments setup to pay your credit card, please update the address in your electronic billing.

Payment Protection Plans:
  Credit Life / Disability, by adding it to your loan you are protecting your credit
  and your family. If you become disabled, this insurance will make your payments
  for you. The life insurance will pay off your loan up to $50,000.
Woman with a Visa Card

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Augusta University Book Loan

Need a little help paying for your books this semester? HCCU is here! Qualify for up to $600 per semester for supplies at the Augusta University Book Store.

What is a Book Loan?
The purpose of a Book Loan is to assist Augusta University students in purchasing books from the Augusta Bookstore by advancing students the needed funds until such time as their Financial Aid becomes available or they are able to repay the advance.

Who is eligible for a Book Loan?
All enrolled Augusta University students are eligible to apply for a Book Loan!

How does a Book Loan Work?
All approved advances will need to be repaid in three monthly installments beginning at the end of the month in which the advance is granted.

Late charges will apply if payments are not made within 10 days of the due date. The interest rate for Book Loans is 9%.

Book Loans can be approved for up to $600, however, HCCU will only advance the amount that is actually spent in the Augusta University Bookstore for that semester. For example, if a student is approved for $600 but their purchases are only $450, then HCCU will only advance the student $450.

GRU Book Loan

All loan applications will be approved, provided the applicant is an actively enrolled Augusta University student and is not party to an active, discharged, or dismissed bankruptcy filing. HCCU reserves the right to deny the request or approve amounts less than requested based on information provided by the applicant or received from the credit reporting agency. Applicants who are approved for advances must become members of HCCU by opening a savings account and depositing a minimum of $25.00 into the account. There is no application fee associated with this loan.

How to Apply:

Augusta University Students are able to apply at any one of HCCU’s branch locations or by clicking here to download an Application.  Augusta University Book Loan Application Download Download

Once the application is received and processed by HCCU, a response will be given back to the student in less than 24 hours. Upon approval, HCCU will send you, electronically, a new account card, a revolving agreement, and a loan disclosure to sign.

Sign and return all three documents to HCCU along with a copy of your driver’s license.

Disbursement of Funds
After the 15th day of the month, the JagCard Office will notify HCCU of the amount advanced at the Augusta University Bookstore.

HCCU will process the advance on the student’s loan and forward the funds to the JagCard Office. HCCU will send you a copy of the advance form stating the dollar amount owed, the monthly payments, and due dates.

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Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan

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