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Our Website is getting a brand new look on 10/18/17!

On 10/18/17 the HCCU website will be down intermittently from 5AM until 12PM while we transition over to our new responsive design website.

During this time you may not be able to access our website or find a link to HCCU Online Banking. Please make sure you notate the Online Banking link (https://www.secure-hccu.org), or save it as a favorite in advance of 5AM 10/18/17 if you feel you will need to access your accounts via Online Banking during this time.

Mobile Banking access should not be affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this web maintenance may cause.

Sonic Security Breach Affecting over 200 HCCU Debit Cards

HCCU has been notified, that due to a security breach at Sonic, over 200 of our members' debit cards have been compromised. To limit and/or prevent fraud, HCCU is closing the cards and contacting members that have been affected. We will be offering replacement cards at no charge for those affected and will offer instant issue cards to members in the area that would like to pick theirs up in a branch.

Your Feedback is Important to Us - Member Survey

We have partnered with a 3rd party consulting company to send out a research email / survey invitation for us to some of our members.

The company is Canidae Consulting, & the message is an email invitation to our members from Jim Kasch at Member Intelligence Group, on behalf of HCCU, asking for your feedback.

To alleviate any concerns:

  • The survey responses are confidential.
  • No non-public information was or will be shared with the third party.
  • The credit union did not sell your personal information – we are simply partnering with Member Intelligence Group to gather your feedback.
The survey will remain open for 2-3 weeks, depending on response levels.

Equifax Breach

What happened/what is going on with Equifax?
Equifax, one of the “big 3” credit bureaus, learned in July that there was a breach in their data, exposing approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. The vast majority of information leaked included names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and in some cases, driver’s license numbers. A small percentage of the leak included credit card numbers and certain dispute documents containing personal identifying information.

Was HCCU involved?
No, HCCU had no involvement in the data breach, but there is a possibility that HCCU members were impacted. As with all major financial institutions, we utilize the services of the 3 major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, but have always and will always do so following the industry’s highest security standards.

How do I know if my information was compromised?
Equifax has set up a breach website where you can check if you specifically were impacted: https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/potential-impact/

No one should call you directly from Equifax or any other monitoring service asking you to verify your personal information. If you receive this type of call hang up immediately. You should also use caution when opening or responding to emails from Equifax or anyone else asking you to call them back or provide personal information.

What if my information was compromised?
The best thing you can do is to immediately review your accounts for anything out of the ordinary and keep a close eye on your credit in the near future. Equifax has offered to provide free credit monitoring service for one year to all U.S. consumers, not just those whose information was compromised in the breach. It is important to note that this service is only free for one year and charges may apply after this time.

How do I protect my information going forward?
Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Despite your best efforts to protect your personal information, there's no perfect defense. If you do fall prey to identity theft, time and expertise are of the essence—thieves count on a victim's slow response. If You're A Victim. . . Contact us immediately at any of our branches to report any fraudulent charges.

Although no defense is fool proof, your best defense is a good offense. Take advantage of account alerts that may notify you as soon as transactions occur. Keep a close eye on your Online and Mobile Banking history throughout the month to catch any unauthorized charges as they occur, and always review your account against your statement at the end of the month.

Keeping an eye on your credit report is another great way to protect yourself. Click here to get your free annual credit report from AnnualCreditReport.com.

Credit monitoring services also help you monitor your credit report and personal information throughout the year in order to stop potential fraud before it gets out of hand. If you do not wish to take advantage of Equifax's free service, HCCU also offers an Identity theft program called Kasasa Protect to all active checking account members. Kasasa Protect is available at $6.99 for Kasasa Members, and $9.99 for all other checking account types.

As always HCCU is here to assist you in anyway possible with all your financial needs and concerns. For additional fraud protection resources, please visit our Alert Resources page.

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